21 Day Challenge!

nam myoho renge kyo

10 minutes.

Morning and evening.

3 weeks.

Easy, right? Why don’t you challenge yourself to commit to this much, just to see what might happen…? Keep each other updated in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge!

  1. Eric


    I’m just wondering what you think is better, quantity or quality? I notice SGI rattle off really fast or the recording I found from a Nichiren Shu priest was slow and deliberate with a drum and he says Namu rather than nam which I guess slows you down anyway. The more Daimoku the better I guess.

    • Jessica

      Hi Eric, that’s an excellent question! For me, intention and consistency are the key factors for effective practice. I don’t think the “number” of daimoku is really as important as making sure you practice regularly and consistently, ideally every day, even if you can sometimes only squeeze in a few minutes. The actual speed of your recitation isn’t a big deal really. Depending on my mood, sometimes I like to keep it very slow and almost melodic, other times I find myself getting really into it and my speed hits those SGI rapid-fire levels. Most of the time it’s somewhere in the middle. So I’d say “quality” over quantity for sure, but I don’t even mean the quality of your pronunciation, rather the quality of your intention to tune out distractions and dedicate that time to Connect with the practice. I hope that makes sense? As for Namu vs Nam, again I don’t think it makes a huge difference – I prefer the rhythm of Nam and that’s what I started with so I stick with that, but Namu is also perfectly fine for whoever prefers that way. The intention behind your practice is the same either way.

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