21 Day Challenge!

nam myoho renge kyo

10 minutes.

Morning and evening.

3 weeks.

Easy, right? Why don’t you challenge yourself to commit to this much, just to see what might happen…? Keep each other updated in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge!

  1. David

    I agree, its all about intention..For me it is about focus on the connection with infinite, divine presence in this moment.. rather than for any specific result..If anything focus on your harmony and balance, which will in line manifest as experiences aligned to your connection with source..

    • Jessica

      Hi David, I couldn’t agree more! I explore different things to think about in my “5 Ways To Focus Your Mind…” article, but my go-to intention is also a very simple focus on being happy. The specific manifestations in your life will still come about if you go a bit higher-level in your intention. Thanks for your comment!


    Good afternoon, England calling –
    Began the 21 Day Challenge this morning. (My late Mum’s birthday).
    I recite it quite quickly, but like to enunciated clearly, couldn’t do that at a really fast pace.
    Quality not quantity?
    Blessings to all.

    • Jessica

      Hi Christopher, yes you don’t need to worry at all about your pace! As long as you’re chanting out loud, consistently every day, that will do the trick. The speed or number of recitations doesn’t really matter. Keep us posted on how the challenge is going for you!

  3. Eric


    I’m just wondering what you think is better, quantity or quality? I notice SGI rattle off really fast or the recording I found from a Nichiren Shu priest was slow and deliberate with a drum and he says Namu rather than nam which I guess slows you down anyway. The more Daimoku the better I guess.

    • Jessica

      Hi Eric, that’s an excellent question! For me, intention and consistency are the key factors for effective practice. I don’t think the “number” of daimoku is really as important as making sure you practice regularly and consistently, ideally every day, even if you can sometimes only squeeze in a few minutes. The actual speed of your recitation isn’t a big deal really. Depending on my mood, sometimes I like to keep it very slow and almost melodic, other times I find myself getting really into it and my speed hits those SGI rapid-fire levels. Most of the time it’s somewhere in the middle. So I’d say “quality” over quantity for sure, but I don’t even mean the quality of your pronunciation, rather the quality of your intention to tune out distractions and dedicate that time to Connect with the practice. I hope that makes sense? As for Namu vs Nam, again I don’t think it makes a huge difference – I prefer the rhythm of Nam and that’s what I started with so I stick with that, but Namu is also perfectly fine for whoever prefers that way. The intention behind your practice is the same either way.

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