5 Ways To Focus Your Mind While Chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo

As spiritual practice goes, chanting is a relatively easy option. It can be challenging to quiet your mind and release stray thoughts during silent meditation. It can be difficult to bring a sense of mindfulness to every moment, especially the difficult ones. With chanting, however, all you really need to do is say the words. Out loud, regularly and consistently. After a while, you’ll even find that those meditation and mindfulness skills start to come naturally! You just need to start with nam myoho renge kyo.

People often ask what they should think about while chanting, and there is no right or wrong answer to that. The power of the words alone will be invoked no matter what you’re thinking about as you’re chanting.

However, there are several ways you can consciously direct your thoughts and intentions to get the best out of your chanting, or to complement any other spiritual or self-help practice.

1. Think About What You’re Saying

©HappyChanter nmrkThe words nam myoho renge kyo are rich with symbolic meaning. The most direct translation is “I devote myself to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra”, but the interpretation I prefer to invoke is something more like “I align myself with the natural law of the universe“.

That natural law is commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction, and basically means that the energy you put out to the universe will be returned back to you. If you have a positive attitude, you will see positive outcomes in your life, and vice versa. Through this chanting practice, the energy and attitude you emit is enhanced even further, and best of all, the practice itself can have the effect of raising your energetic frequency so that you tend more towards positive thoughts and intentions than you might have before.

So, when I’m chanting, I like to focus on the words I’m saying, and the meaning behind them – consciously putting out the intention to simply connect with that natural energy of the universe.


2. Think About What You Want

Many Nichiren Buddhists often hail chanting nam myoho renge kyo as a practice that can literally provide you with whatever your heart desires – whether it’s finding love, or a more fulfilling job, or even something as simple and material as getting that swanky new car!

Of course, if you immerse yourself deeply in your spiritual journey, you will come to realise that material wealth and possessions aren’t actually the be-all-end-all. You may find your focus of desire shifting from physical and material wealth to spiritual and emotional well-being. BUT that’s a leg of the spiritual journey which may still lie ahead on your own personal road, so in the meantime, there’s nothing stopping from you from chanting for that new car 😉

To do this, start by thinking about whatever it is you want. Imagine yourself already there, picture it, summon up the feeling you will have when it comes to pass – that feeling of happiness, success, achievement, enjoyment. Then start chanting nam myoho renge kyo, taking that as-if-it-has-already-happened feeling with you as you start reciting the words. The energy of emotion is much more powerful than just the I-want-that thought, and so your alignment with the Law of Attraction will be enhanced by chanting from that feeling-place.


3. Think About What You Already Have

©HappyChanter gratefulNo matter what you may wish for in your life, if you stop and look around, you will find that you are already surrounded by an abundance of blessings. Chances are you have a roof over your head, a comfortable bed, food to eat, clean water to drink. You may have friends and family who love you to the moon and back, or a pet who brings unconditional joy into your life. You probably have access to a place of natural beauty like a park, a mountain, or a river or seafront. You might have something simple like a painting on your wall that you enjoy gazing at, an old favourite book to comfort-read again and again, or even a TV that you appreciate relaxing in front of at the end of the day.

If, as I suggested above, emotion is more powerful than thought alone, there is no emotion more powerful than gratitude. Taking a moment to really think about, acknowledge, and appreciate all those things that you are already lucky to have in your life serves to open the floodgates to bring more of whatever-makes-you-grateful into your life. Chant nam myoho renge kyo with gratitude, for what you have, and for all the great unknown blessings that are still to come.


4. Think About Someone Else

I believe that we are all connected by the same field of energy, and it stands to reason that if you consciously direct your thoughts, emotions and the energy of your practice to someone else, that the energy you emit can and will reach that person through that all-encompassing field. So, one of the best ways to practice is to focus on someone else. This can be someone you love who may be suffering and you want to send them positive or healing energy. Or it can also be someone you’re struggling with in your life, maybe someone you don’t get along with or even like. Chanting for people like this can be hugely rewarding as you can use this practice and method to release yourself from any negative emotions the person might bring up in you, like anger, hurt, or frustration. Those feelings only deplete your own energy and happiness, so chanting for them, or even just to improve your relationship with them, can really help to see the problem or person in a different light. Paradoxically, sending out warm wishes to those who have hurt or wronged you actually raises your spirit.

My method of directing energy to someone else starts by basically visualising them happy. Picture them in your mind’s eye, happy, relaxed, and carefree. If you have shared good times together in the past, cast your memory back to that, and recall their smiles and laughter. Summon up the love you feel for them through that positive memory of their happiness. If it’s a person you’re struggling with, try to summon up compassion for whatever they’ve had to deal with in life that may have led to how they treat you now.

Then, as you start chanting nam myoho renge kyo, send that love. Send that compassion. Send positive energy like a beam of light. Imagine that light enveloping and protecting them. Picture their smile growing even bigger and wider. This can be an amazing way of directing your daily practice and raising your own vibration by cultivating a desire for happiness for everyone.


5. Think About Being Happy

©HappyChanter happiness is everywhereThis method works best for me when I’m in one of those low moods. Tired, drained, grumpy, sad, just not feeling it. When it’s too much of a challenge to muster up the energy to consciously direct your thoughts any other way, simply ask for happiness. Chant nam myoho renge kyo for yourself, ask the universe to help you find your smile again.

When doing that, I find that, even though your mood might not miraculously flip to joy in that moment, you still get a sense of satisfaction from having taken action towards finding your happy-place again. Plus, more often than not, the day will then find a way of turning itself around. Ask for happiness, chant for happiness, and then keep an eye on what’s going on around you – chances are the universe will send you a little hug in some form to cheer you up.


How else do you like to focus your thoughts during your spiritual or self-help practice? Let me know in the comments!

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59 thoughts on “5 Ways To Focus Your Mind While Chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo

  1. Anna

    Hi Jessica my name is Anna 3 years ago my husband lost his complete vision after a health crisis
    We have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism since then and have seen lots of benefits with this practice but my question is my husbands chants for may hours in a day with faith and dedication still his vision has not returned completely though there is some improvement
    Is there any thing that you can suggest that could help my husband or is there any right way of chanting that we might be missing doing
    Kindly help us
    Thank you

    • Maneesh Bhaseen

      Hi Anna,

      Try to shift your thoughts to Gratitude for things that you and your husband have. Also when chanting for a certain outcome have faith that you will get it or feel that you have already achieved it. Some desires take few days and some few years, it all depends on our faith and what are reflecting to Gohonzohn, if we are reflecting faith that’s not strong then we will get that.
      Hope this helps, don’t give up and keep chanting.
      Love and regards

  2. Mimo

    Hi Jessica. I have recently started chanting this mantra . Can this mantra be chanted in order to attract someone in my life for love? If yes how should we pray?

    • Jessica

      Hi Mimo, thanks for your question. I would suggest focusing your thoughts on how you want to feel, visualising the happiness and love of having someone in your life. This is the best approach for any desire you have, really. Visualisation and gratitude can be very powerful in their own right, even gratitude for something that hasn’t happened yet. Trust that it is coming, that the Universe knows what you want and will deliver it to you, and be thankful for that, as well as everything else you already have in your life. The more you are grateful, the more the Universe will bring you things to be grateful for, including that special someone. I do hope you find them. Lots of love to you ❤️

  3. Oindrila

    Hi Jessica,

    I have started chanting NMRK just 1 wk back & do feel positive when I chant. Yet thr are times I feel my negative energy the fear of death or illness of loved ones or any thing bad happening to my loved ones overpowers me & I start sinking in depression .

    I lost my father all of a sudden 10 yrs ago , 2 yrs ago I lost my mom too that too wt a disease which couldn’t b cured ,it was like I saw her dieing everyday just being helpless. That had a very deep impact on me. Last yr I got married n thn my husband lost his job this yr due to covid situation post which he developed slurrying in his speech out of trauma & stress. Currently under medication,which is working on d positive side.
    All these situations makes me feel scared of life, death ,illness ,future or any harm or bad things happening again.

    How do I get rid of all these feelings.

    • Jessica

      Hi Oindrila, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve gone through so much grief and trauma. How are you and your husband doing now? I truly hope that things have improved for you.

      It’s no wonder that such fear can encroach into your mind, and I think when so much has happened, it’s natural to worry about more unknown struggles down the road. I do think that chanting can help with this, especially if you can focus as much as possible on gratitude for the positives that you have in your life. Gratitude is a powerful force in itself, and when you make a habit of it, combined with the power of chanting, the Universe will return that energy to you in the form of even more to be grateful for.

      However, if these fearful thoughts are becoming too pervasive, please don’t hesitate to also reach out for professional help. Unfortunately there is never a quick fix to “get rid” of these deep-rooted feelings, but something like counselling could really help you to confront them and overcome the negative impact they have on your life.

      Sending lots of love and light to you and wishing you health and happiness xx

  4. Rituu Chakrbarty

    Hi Jessica,
    I’ve recently started chanting NMRK. No.1 Can you please guide me what is the starting and ending prayer?
    No.2 My concentration level is very poor. My mind keeps wandering. What is the solution?

    • Jessica

      Hi Rituu, thanks for your questions, and welcome to the practice! I don’t use any particular starting or ending prayer, I just start and finish by saying (almost singing) NMRK slowly and then getting into whatever rhythm feels right in that moment. There’s no right or wrong way to ritualise your practice, feel free to experiment and find whatever works best for you! As for your concentration, well I’m afraid there’s no easy answer to that, it takes some time and practice. Whenever your mind wanders, just gently notice and release the thought and bring your attention back to whatever you wish to focus on. Of course, don’t worry or stress too much about the mind wandering either, this is perfectly natural and chanting the mantra will still bring positive effects into your life, even if you’re thinking about something else at times. I hope this helps. Lots of love to you! xx

  5. Vipul

    First of all thanks a ton for easing up my mind via the article of yours! I listen to this mantra before i sleep. I wash my hands and feet and sit on bed and meditate on the recording of monks. I focus on the mantra for 15 mins and recite it in mind while focussing between my eyes. I can’t chant the mantra verbally as it may trigger unwanted attention of family. I sleep late at night(12 or 1) but never do I abstain from chanting. Is it going to benefit me in the same way as it does chanting verbally? Plz clear my doubts ma’am!

    • Abhi


    • Jessica

      Hi Vipul, that’s a great question! Everything we do sends out an energetic wave into the Universe, including our beliefs, words and thoughts. I do believe that the physical vibration we create when we chant out loud will enhance and amplify that energy, so speaking out loud is ideal, even if it’s just very quietly. BUT if that’s difficult for you, YES you can absolutely see benefits from this practice even if it’s just meditating on the mantra in your mind. You are still sending out positive energy by meditating in this way, and that positive energy will manifest itself in your life. Keep doing whatever you can and enjoy the positive effects coming your way 🙂 Thank you so much for reaching out, lots of love and light to you!

      • Violet Winter

        You don’t have to think about anything when chanting. The brain naturally wonders. In time it will focus. I just read this in the WT.

  6. Sasha Verstehen

    Firstly, thank you so much for such an amazing article. I wanted to ask, I’ve been chanting for something very personal to me which disturbed me a lot. So I’ve been consistently chanting to solve my issue and whenever I chant I feel abundance of positivism. But the moment I stop chanting I feel disturbed again. And I was wondering if that’s causing resistance in having my prayers answered? There are also times when I’m extremely demotivated to chant even though I really really want to and genuinely want to solve my issues. I was wondering if that too is causing resistance. I was just wondering if you could sort me out.

    • oo

      try another mantra
      Om namh shivay

      • Sasha Verstehen

        but we can’t chant om namah shivay with the same mindset as nam myoho renge kyo because while chanting daimoku you focus your energy on your goal, but while chanting om namah shivay you focus on the words and shiva right?

    • Jessica

      Hi Sasha, thank you so much for your question. I think it’s perfectly normal to have continued feelings of disturbance and worry when we’re dealing with personal issues, chanting isn’t necessarily a magic bullet that will make you feel happy and positive 24 hours of the day. I would suggest gently focusing your thoughts (after chanting) on that positive wave you feel when you practice. This is the Universe reassuring you that you are on the right path and that All will be Well in the end. Trust in that feeling, and when you feel disturbed again, just accept it as part of being human, forgive yourself for continuing to worry, but also gently remind yourself that you are Connecting with positive energy through this practice and have faith that your prayers will be answered when the time is right.

      The demotivation to chant is also perfectly normal – I struggle with that too! Even if you think about things like eating healthy food or exercising, it always seems to be difficult to maintain those positive habits that are best for you in the long run! Again, just remind yourself that every time you chant you are generating huge waves of positive energy in your life, and if you miss a day or two, that’s okay – just forgive yourself for that and start again the next day.

      As for oo’s suggestion of using another mantra, feel free to give it a try! I personally only chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo but I’ve often been curious about the effects of other mantras. But in any case, I certainly wouldn’t say that any of the struggles you’re having are going to block the positive effects of the practice from manifesting in your life. Be grateful for all you have, keep practicing as consistently as you can manage, and go easy on yourself whenever you do have a tough day xx

      • Sasha Verstehen

        Hi Jessica

        Thank you so much for your reply. It actually made me feel really positive. I’m really looking forward to manifest my goal and i feel so right chanting for it. I’m so precise and clear on what I want. This article totally helps me persevere and change my thoughts every time I feel off sync with the universe for what i want. Thanks again xx.

  7. Ritu

    Hi Jessica,
    U r such a beautiful and simple soul, a rare combination, very rare to find in today’s over complexed world.
    I feel so glad and amazingly connected with your way of thinking. It takes practice to achieve ” simple living and high thinking” . However, you have beautifully presented the way to chant in simplest ways.
    Thanks and loads of love to you.

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much for your lovely words Ritu, I’m so glad my way of thinking and writing has resonated with you! 🙂 Lots of love to you xx

  8. Cheryl

    HI Jessica,
    I am thankful for the article, it is worth reading. How many wishes I could think of at the time I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo? I am new to this, please guide.

    • Jessica

      Hi Cheryl, that’s a great question. There really are no rules or limits to what you can think of, but I would generally focus on one wish at a time. If you chant every day you can focus on different things each time, but for each session, the energy of your practice will be more powerful if it is focused in one direction. Of course, you could also just make it a more general wish, like “I want to be happy” and then the Universe will return that feeling to you, which will often include the manifestation of the more specific wishes you had. This is my favourite way to chant. I hope this helps, lots of love to you xx

  9. monali

    Hi Jessia,

    First of thank you for writing this artical its very clear and you communicated the process very clear. I am practicing Nam Myoho Renge Kyo since last 2 years but not consistent and I have small kids I generally sit with them and practice so its always interrupted one. Actually I should think about good thoughts or all +ve things while chanting but generally I think bad about myself or some harmful things about my near and dear ones. I am not sure how should I overcome with this , I know thinking +ve will bring great impact on my life but I am failing continuously, Please help..

    • Shalini

      I have recently started chanting and i can feel little changes in my daily life but i dont know much about it.
      Is there any rule to be followed?
      Can we chant on terrace or in open area?
      How to start and how to end?

      • Aakanksha

        Hello Jessica..

        Hope you are well..

        I want to know the same thing which|Shalini asked to you..

        • Jessica

          Hi Aakanksha and Shalini, thank you for asking this question. Sarojini has offered some helpful advice below and I agree that you can chant anywhere, anytime. I like to start by taking a few slow breaths just to clear my mind or to focus my thoughts as I’ve described in the article, and then I do 3 long slow repetitions of the mantra, almost like singing. I also finish with 3 slow repetitions and saying a big thank you to the universe. There are no “rules” though, you should feel free to explore and discover whatever process works best for you. Lots of love to you all xx

      • Sarojini

        You can chant anywhere and at anytime you wish to do so.
        Only Make sure you Are in a place where you are not disturbed or distracted. You may start with 3 slow Nam myoho renge kyo directly and chant in rhythm till you wish to and close with 3 NMHRK. Ideally Once a day ,morning and evening start with Gongyo (prayer ) ,chant, And close with the 4 gratitude prayers , closing the Gongyo.

    • Jessica

      Hi Monali, thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear that you’re having trouble focusing your thoughts while chanting. I think it’s a matter of practice, just like in meditation you have to learn to release thoughts as they come, it’s the same with chanting. The important thing is to try not to berate yourself too much, we all have positive and negative thoughts, that’s just human, and it’s okay. Instead of trying to steer your thoughts in a positive direction, maybe try to just clear your mind as you’re chanting, focus on the meaning of the words or even just the physical sensation of chanting. When you find your mind wandering in a negative direction, just gently release those thoughts and turn your attention back to your voice, or the vibration in your throat, or mentally saying NMRK as you chant. With time and practice, you’ll get there xx

  10. Parul

    Loved reading your blog.. please keep motivating like this always Namyo Ho Renge Kyo

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much Parul, I will do my best! 🙂

  11. Cara

    What a wonderful article! I’ve been struggling with negative energy directed at me from someone who I thought was on a positive path. I can see now that somehow we were an energetic match. I’m chanting lots of daimoku now in the hopes to raise my life condition so that I can overcome this experience and move on. Any words of encouragement?

    • Jessica

      Hi Cara, thanks so much for your message, and apologies for such a late reply! How are things going now, are you still struggling with that person? This is something I have thought about a lot and I plan to post soon about how to deal with negative people in our lives. As you say, those people who get under your skin are indeed an energetic match – what we notice about other people usually reflects something within ourselves that we subconsciously struggle with, so this can be an opportunity to look within and see if there is something about yourself that this person is highlighting. Negative people can also provide a wonderful opportunity to practice compassion – I’m a big believer in being compassionate and loving towards all people, especially those who may have wronged you in some way. Realise that that person has probably had something happen in their life to cause them to project negative energy. By building your own practice and spiritual strength, you can get to a point where their energy doesn’t affect you anymore, and by sending positive energy their way, you might even have a positive effect on them, whether they realise it or not! I hope this helps, lots of love to you xx

  12. Ana

    Hi Jessica,

    thank you so much for such an insightful explanation of the practice. Like many who have commented here, this is probably one of the best I have read so far. I have already forwarded this to a friend who is interested in the practice.

    I have practiced for nearly 5 years, sometimes more passionately than others. At times I would go for days without chanting and always felt something was missing. Very often I have felt disillusioned and disheartened but with the help of friends and members managed to carry on.

    I have started to do One Million daimoku since the 10th of March. I do hope to finish it within three months. I tried to do it last year but failed. This year I can’t wait to wake up at 5 every morning to fit in at least 2 hours before I go to work.

    The last couple of years have been really challenging for me. I lost my mum in October 2017, I have had to put my studies on hold. Last year I was scammed out of the amount of £140,000 by someone I thought I could trust.

    To top it all I had decided to end the 7 and a 1/2 year relationship with my boy friend. I feel I can cope with everything but not this separation.

    I am grateful for what I have, a home, two wonderful daughters, the practice and wonderful friends.

    But I want my boy friend back, so the 1 million daimoku is about loving myself, feeling happy and winning him back. He has to forgive me for my misdemeanor

    I will let you know if this happened.

    Love Ana

    • Rafael

      So, Ana. What were your results? Let us know! NMRK

    • Jessica

      Hi Ana, how are things going for you now? It sounds like you had a couple of very tough years alright, I hope that all your daimoku has helped? I do hope you that managed to reconnect with your boyfriend, but that even if you didn’t, your practice has helped you to nurture that self love and inner happiness you were aiming for. It may be that the end of the relationship was meant to be, to guide you towards a deeper relationship with your Self that might lead to an even more fulfilling relationship with someone else – or indeed it may be that you were both meant to go through this bump but still end up together even closer than before. I hope that you’re well and happy whatever the case. Sending lots of love to you xx

    • Shalini

      I have recently started chanting and i can feel little changes in my daily life but i dont know much about it.
      Is there any rule to be followed?
      Can we chant on terrace or in open area?
      How to start and how to end?

  13. Gary

    Thank you Jessica. I received my Gohonzon almost 3 years ago. I have a difficult time sitting still. I am high anxiety at times – but really full of high energy is a good way to put it. My problem or obstacle is quieting my mind ,sitting still on a chair with folded hands for Gongyo. Some people in SGI suggest 30 minutes of Gongyo but honestly I struggle with 5 minutes. It’s hard for me to sit still on a chair with folded hands and concentrating. Any suggestions? Thanks for the article. Let’s chant for the youth 50k Lions of Justice on. September 23.

    • Jessica

      Hi Gary, thanks so much for your comment and questions. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble focusing, but I’m sure you can find a way to combine your practice with those high energy levels. While it might be ideal to sit still and focus fully on your chanting practice, I don’t think there is anything wrong with chanting while doing other things, so why not give that a try? You could chant while you’re doing other tasks like washing dishes, doing housework, or working out. Whatever physical task you’re doing that doesn’t require your full mental attention, you can chant at the same time. I hope this helps, do keep me posted and let me know how you get on xx

  14. ravi

    Hi Jessica, started chanting 2 months back…..my experiences, peaceful, alertness, increasing awareness, whole body vibrations. people who hurt me in the past came into my mind while chanting but there is no anger, no baggage and no hurt. I was just saying I Love them and this is new ME. another one…I can’t exactly explain but the saliva in mouth is sweeter.

    • Jessica

      Hi Ravi, thanks so much for your comment, and I’ve seen your other helpful replies and videos on other comments 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that you are experiencing such positive changes with this practice – even the saliva! xx

  15. Sharoni


    Thank you so much for this post. I was really looking forward for the same. I have just started chanting and I chant putting my headphones on and playing the track”Nam yoho renge kyu” in youtube. Is it okay if I do so? Or I should just chant with my eyes open. Also I find it comfortable closing my eyes. There are few rules which you need to follow , that what I have heard. Please advise


    • Jessica

      Hi Sharoni, thanks for your comment and questions! I know that some organisations will tell you that there are some rules, but in my opinion, this is not the case. The most important thing is chanting with focused intention and a sincere desire to connect with something greater/your inner self – any other “rules” are really not important. It is perfectly fine to chant while listening to the youtube video, and it is no problem to chant with your eyes closed. Do whatever you are comfortable with 🙂

  16. Julia Wagner

    Thank you! What a concise and helpful article! I will share on my FB page Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – Kansas. This is almost the exact I give others and the same advice I needed to be reminded of.

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much for sharing, Julia! I have found and followed your page, happy to connect with a like-minded soul 🙂

  17. Erik

    Nice website. Just found it. Thi is how I have always chanted throughout my life. Pretty spot on. Been practicing on and off since 1983. Trying to be consistent because sometimes I’m too tired or don’t have enough time to sit at the Gohonzon in the morning.
    Is this page still active? Hope so.

    • Jessica

      Hi Erik, thanks so much for your comment! I’m so happy my approach resonates with you. I totally understand about the inconsistency, I’ve been struggling with that lately myself. So much so that I’m addressing this very issue in my new post today – check it out to see more about the Mantra March challenge I’m setting myself (and anyone else who wants to join in) – re-committing to daily practice every day with daily updates on Facebook and Instagram, starting tomorrow! I’d love it if you’d like to join in so that we can support each other in building a more regular and consistent practice 🙂 In any case, I can at least promise that the page is indeed still active and will be ramping up over the next few weeks and months!

  18. Bella Williams

    Hi Jessica

    I am currently studying a diploma for Kundalini Yoga and I am confused by a question that I just cannot seem to find the answer to. I searched the internet and found your site and I was hoping that perhaps you could help me?

    Here is the question –
    Why might feelings and thoughts of fear, grief, anger or any other negative emotions come up we mantra chant?

    The sites only tell me how to get rid of these thoughts by chanting, but not why they would come up when chanting.
    Can you help?

    • Jessica

      Hi Bella, thanks so much for your question. I don’t think there’s any easy answer to this question, and ultimately *you* are the only person who can really figure it out. I would say that chanting and any spiritual practice can only bring positive outcomes, and sometimes that may come in the form of giving yourself the opportunity to reflect on and release any pain or trauma that your soul is still hanging on to. I would suggest, exploring those feelings of fear and anger – what are they related to, any particular trigger, does any person or situation come to your mind when they bubble up? There is something unresolved deep in your mind, and your chanting practice is bringing those feelings up to show you what is holding you back from happiness, and to encourage you to deal with it instead of burying it. Accepting those feelings and releasing whatever negative feelings you have towards whatever it is, will help you to move on in peace. Forgiveness is key here, whether that’s forgiving someone who has wronged you in the past, or forgiving yourself for whatever it is you are holding on to. Does that help at all? Please do keep in touch and let me know. Lots of love to you xx

  19. Ivy

    Hi Jessica, thank you for sharing your chanting experience. Because of what I’m going through, I was lucky to be introduced to Nam Myoho Renge Kyo in the last 2 months. I find it therapeutic, and it reinforces me to continue chanting. Your sharing helps me to understand better how to chant better and with focus. I’m determined to continue chanting in order to achieve absolute happiness and eventually be able to inspire my loved ones.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much for sharing, Ivy! I hope you’re still chanting and enjoying all the benefits of a happy life 🙂

  20. Harsha

    While chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo I was praying to the universe and universal powers to help me achieving what I strongly desire for. Is it correct ? I’m very new to this. Please guide.

    • Jessica

      Hi Harsha, thanks so much for your comment and question. There is no “correct” or “incorrect” way to chant or to pray, but I might offer one piece of advice. You can absolutely pray for what you desire, but the most effective way for that to happen is to chant with trust and gratitude that what you desire is *already coming*! Gratitude is a powerful force in itself, and combined with chanting is even more powerful. Having faith in your practice and the energy of the universe, and being grateful “in advance” for all your dreams coming true, is the surest way to see it happen. I hope this helps, please do keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting along! Lots of love to you xx

  21. So simple yet crystal clear. Never read a better explanation of NMRK. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you.

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much, Navraj!

  22. Scott

    You site was the best search result when asking the question what to think about while chanting the Lotus Sutra. Your content was most helpful and a refresher for me. Thanks!

    • Jessica

      Thanks for letting me know, Scott, I’m very happy to have helped!

  23. Lindy

    I thought nam myoho renge kyo was about the buddha inside YOU. You need to direct it inward. I read directing it outward to the “universe,” looking for outside influence is wrong. I’m only saying what I read as I want the most benefit. I’m wondering if you’re inaccurately mixing new age LOA with Buddhism? (I like your site BTW.)

    Quote from link:

    “Prayer in Buddhism is significantly different from the prayer that many of us were familiar with in our upbringing. If we don’t understand the difference, then there will be a tendency in us to continue to pray as though we are trying to communicate with some external power. This would be taking on only the superficial aspects of a Buddha, while remaining attached to previous ways of thinking… In Buddhism, the “source” or the “power” is within us. A Buddhist prayer is inner-directed… If you are chanting in front of the Gohonzon and searching for some power out there to come to you and bring you a miracle, you are looking in the wrong place. … If you pray with an outwardly-directed prayer, your prayers will not be answered. Nothing will happen.”


    • Jessica

      Hi Lindy, thanks so much for your comment. I was sure I had replied to this but I don’t see it now so maybe not! I appreciate your thoughts on this, and you are indeed correct that spiritual practice (in whatever form that may be, not just chanting) is about connecting with your inner self. But your inner self and the “outer” universe are flip sides of the same coin, in that whatever energy your own soul is emitting is reflected back to you through the energetic mechanisms of the universe. Everything is connected. You are right that this is a new age LOA point of view, but I do very intentionally mix the two. I believe in the reactive and reflective properties of the LOA belief system, and I absolutely believe that the practice of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo fosters a higher-frequency connection with that natural energetic force. Inner, outer, there is no difference really – everything is energy, and ALL spiritual practice, whether directed inward, or outward to the universe or to another person, has the same result of raising your own energetic frequency. That can manifest in “stuff” coming to you “from” the universe, as well as finding and connecting with your own true inner nature. The two belief systems can and do complement each other – in my opinion, anyway 😉

      Thanks so much again for reaching out. Lots of love to you xx

  24. Any article that starts with ‘X Ways To…’ is a must read in my book. 😉

    I enjoyed this post and am looking forward to your next travel writing piece. All best, A.

    • Jessica

      A wise man once told me that’s the best way to title blog posts 😉
      Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed!

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