10 More Christmas Gift Ideas for Him, for Her, or for You

Ho-ho-hooo! It’s that time of year again and it’s time to splash out on the ideal gift for the loved ones in your life, or indeed on a special treat for yourself! My first 10 Christmas Gift Ideas post is still chockablock full of good ideas, but I figured it was about time to put together a brand new bumper list of some of my favourite things I use in my everyday life that would make a fantastic gift, or set you up to start the next New Year in the best way.

The First Step

feelthefearI had a little epiphany last night. Little epiphanies are not unusual in my little over-thinking head, as you’ll come to know if you stick with me. Last night’s epiphany concerned this blog and this very post. For it had struck me that since that little ditty of a “First Post” below, I’ve struggled to start producing actual content, to keep some momentum going by continuing – or commencing, rather – to actually write. Ideas keep popping into my head and snippets find their way into the running draft email I use for taking note, but I’ve avoided taking those snippets to the next level by expanding them into actual blog posts. Or even just the one, as would suffice to start.