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As my time in Ko Lanta draws to close (for now at least), I realised I’ve been holding back a bit from you guys. I’ve talked a little bit before about how difficult it can be to really open up and put myself out there publicly through a blog. This is a continual work in progress for me, not just on this site but on social media too. I’m generally always lurking around in the background but have never been one to post every step of my daily life online. I’m more a once-a-month than a once-a-day kinda gal. This is definitely on my “needs improvement” list, but right now it means that I haven’t shown you nearly enough of just how idyllic life on this island is.

So, to remedy, this is more of a photo collection than a deep-thinker kinda post. First of all, to give you a break from my idle musings! But mainly just to show you some of my favourites out of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken here, and maybe entice you to visit this little slice of paradise someday!

I chose Ko Lanta as a starting point for my travels, mainly after randomly coming across this post by KoHub, the co-working space here. It looked beautiful, and after reading a little more, sounded like just the right balance I was looking for – peace and quiet, with option to party. I’ve talked about the social lifestyle I’ve led here, and of course it’s super fun to meet awesome people, eat in amazing restaurants, enjoy a few drinks with your feet in the sand, or dance under the stars. But I’ve also described how much more fulfilling my solitary moments have been, and this island is the perfect place to indulge in solitude, or just some chill-out time with your peeps. The beaches are stunning and never so busy that you can’t find a quiet spot to park yourself. The main road circling the island is well paved (bar the occasional potholes), so it’s easy to hop on your scooter and take off on a road trip to seek out the kind of natural beauty Thailand is famous for.

Life here is simply a dream, as you can see for yourself…

Living in a simple hut…


Wandering around the local neighbourhood…


Setting off on adventures…

Screenshot 2016-01-18 18.08.35 Screenshot 2016-01-18 13.51.06

Meeting some of my fellow islanders…

379 216 208

Stopping at beautiful beaches along the way…

2016-01-11 16.02.16

2015-11-17 09.37.02 387 109 075 027 046

Eating delicious food wherever you go…

food 2015-11-25 18.39.21

Making floating “krathongs” for the annual festival…


Fire shows every night…

2016-01-08 23.01.28

Breathtaking sunsets…

2015-12-23 18.20.39332 330 195 118 057 047

Heaven on earth…


Koh Lanta, my Lanta, what a magical few months it’s been. You haven’t seen the last of me.

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3 thoughts on “Koh Lanta, My Lanta – Living In Paradise

  1. First time to your blog Jessica and liked it for its simplicity and a feel of purity. Enjoyed the pictures in this article and I can imagine a simple and beautiful life in the environment you are living in. The key is that material and possessions don’t give one peace and tranquillity, it is the inner-self and self-belief which make the difference.

    Good luck with your venture and happy blogging :))

    • Jessica

      Thanks so much Ahmad! Indeed happiness does come from within… but living in a place of such paradise certainly helps 😉
      As you can see I’m only starting out on this blogging adventure and so some of the blogging posts on your own site have already been incredibly helpful and inspiring! Hope to follow in your successful footsteps 🙂

      • Good luck Jessica and if at any time, you need any help or just want to talk about anything, drop me a line and I will be glad to be in touch. Cheers.

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